Discover confidence and reliability with TENA's washable, leak-proof underwear for incontinence. Our range offers leak-proof options that ensure you stay feeling confident and protected. Explore our full range to find the perfect leak-proof underwear for reliable and discreet incontinence protection.




    TENA leak-proof underwear is made with high-quality fabrics. But how does it offer protection against leaks and moisture? The answer lies in the textile technology’s smart design with a built-in protective gusset of four layers, each with a specific function. First, a top moisture-wicking layer quickly drains the surface to keep your skin dry, then several absorption layers hold liquid to keep you fresh. A liquid barrier layer keeps liquid in the product so it doesn’t leak. Our products are lab-tested and approved to meet our high-quality standards.

    Yes, they’re a great way to have a better impact on the planet every day. TENA leak-proof underwear substantially reduces waste and your carbon footprint. Find out more about how we choose sustainability to care for people and the planet.

    You’re already in the right place! TENA has a range of reusable leak-proof underwear available for women and for men.

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