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Incontinence for women

What is reusable incontinence underwear?

Unlike disposable pads, washable absorbent underwear can be washed after each use, so they’re better for the environment. They’re ultra-discreet, so they’re the perfect option for women who don’t want incontinence to get in the way of their active lifestyles.
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What is reusable incontinence underwear?

Imagine your favourite underwear, but with invisible protection against little leaks. Washable incontinence underwear are designed for you to wash and wear again and again.

TENA Silhouette Washable Absorbent Underwear are made with high-quality fabrics and delicate laces, with built-in TENA Triple Protection against light incontinence (1 drop) that’ll keep you feeling secure, confident and in control.

The benefits of washable incontinence pants

Stylish discretion

Wear the clothes you love, without worrying about bulges or leaks. TENA Silhouette Washable Underwear are stylish and indistinguishable from regular lingerie, and they’re made from stretchy, ultra-soft and breathable fabrics so they’re just as comfortable, too. They’re available in a classic everyday brief or a modern hipster style, so you can choose your style and dress how you like at all times.




Our washable incontinence pants protect like TENA and are designed for light incontinence or little leaks, with built in layers that give you TENA triple protection against leaks, odour and moisture, to keep you fresh and comfortable. 


TENA Silhouette Washable Absorbent Underwear are reusable, which means a smaller carbon footprint and less waste. They have a 50% carbon footprint reduction and produce 75% less consumer waste (weight of packaging and product waste) than typical alternatives*.

Find out more about the sustainable choices we’re making to make a better mark on the planet.

* Compared with TENA liners and pads together with regular underwear. Calculations were made using Life Cycle Assessments – a tool for calculating environmental impact of products or services (read more about LCAs here) In the scenario assessed, two TENA Washable Absorbent Underwear (washed 50 times at 40°), were compared to an equal mix of three disposables with one pair of regular underwear.

How does reusable incontinence underwear work?

They’re designed with a built-in protective gusset, made of four layers, for invisible protection and to keep you dry and secure, giving you TENA triple protection against leaks, odour and moisture. 

  1. Moisture wicking layer – the soft top fabric quickly drains the surface to keep your skin dry.
  2. Double super absorption layers with odour control –absorbs and holds liquid, with odour control to keep you fresh.
  3. Liquid barrier layer –keeps liquid in the product.
  4. Breathable body fabric – stretchy, ultra-soft and breathable to keep you comfortable and feel like your regular underwear.

Simply wear them, wash them, then wear them again. We guarantee kept functionality for 50 washes at a 40° mild wash. The product can be used for longer, though we can’t guarantee the same performance. Using the product after more than 50 washes will not change the safety use of the product.



How to wash and care for reusable incontinence pants

Your washable absorbent underwear should be machine-washed on a 40° mild wash, and can be put in the washing machine along with your other clothes in similar colours. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Hang them out to dry or tumble dry at low temperature, but do not iron or dry clean them.

Find out more about how to care for TENA Silhouette washable absorbent underwear.

How does TENA Washable Absorbent Underwear differ from TENA liners and pads?

TENA Washable Absorbent Underwear is designed for little leaks, with a focus on discretion. The protection is built into the underwear, so unlike liners and pads, you won’t need to wear underwear on top.

What styles and colours does TENA Washable Absorbent underwear come in?

Choose from two different underwear styles: our classic brief and our hipster style. Both styles come in black.

What do other users say?

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