Washable incontinence pants for women

The ultimate underwear. Washable pee-proof pants for security and style. They are in fact regular undies with invisible protection for light leaks and they are reusable. Just wash them with the rest of the laundry at 40°C and wear them over and over again.


    It's OK to have questions

    That’s really up to you and depends on how you want to use them. Many of our customers use them every day, meaning they have replaced their normal underwear with several pairs TENA Washable underwear so they can have a few pairs in the laundry and while always having washed ones ready in the drawer.

    These underwear are developed for light leaks. How long you can wear your underwear really depends on how much you leak. Leaks can be so unpredictable and are very individual.

    One of the reasons TENA Washable Underwear is so popular is the fact they’re so easy to care for. They can be machine-washed with your regular underwear on the same, 40°C mild wash. You can use normal detergent and wash them together with clothes in similar colours. They should be hung to dry. There are no secrets,catches or surprises. If cared for properly, these underwear will protect you again and again. It really is that easy.

    TENA Washable Underwear is made with high-quality fabrics. But how can they offer protection against leaks and moisture? The answer lies in the textile technology’s smart design with a built-in protective gusset made of four layers, each with a very specific function. First, a top moisture wicking layer quickly drains the surface to keep your skin dry, then several absorption layers hold liquid to keep you fresh. A liquid barrier layer keeps liquid in the product, so it doesn’t leak. Our products are lab tested and approved to meet our high quality standards.

    Yes, for sure - that is why they have become so popular - as they are great option to make a better impact on the planet every day. Washable leakproof underwear substantially reduce waste and carbon footprint.

    Depending on the product you choose there are a size guide and recommendations. In general, if you are unsure or in between sizes go down a size as a tight fitting product will give better leakage security.

    Yes of course. Our special textile technology keeps you feeling dry and fresh. They are washable and reusable, just like any other clothing that needs a wash, if you clean them properly, then they’re completely hygienic.