Discover the protection of TENA washable incontinence knickers for women. These washable knickers offer comfort and discreet protection and are designed to provide reliable defence against light leaks. Explore our full range of TENA washable knickers to see how they can support you.




    Absolutely! They are an excellent way to positively impact the planet daily. Opting for washable, leak-proof underwear significantly reduces waste and reduces our carbon footprint. Find out more about how we choose sustainability to care for people and the planet.

    TENA Silhouette often runs larger, so we recommend choosing one size smaller if you are deciding between two sizes.TENA Soft Cotton WAU tends to run smaller, and we recommend one size larger if you are unsure or between sizes. This product is available in M to XL.There's a size guide available on each product page if you want to double-check any sizing information.

    Absolutely. TENA's specialised textile technology ensures a consistently dry and fresh feel. Washable and reusable like any standard clothing item, these knickers remain hygienic when properly cleaned and maintained.

    Machine-wash them with your regular laundry using a gentle 40°C cycle. Use regular detergent and wash them alongside clothes of similar colours. To dry, hanging them up is recommended. With proper care, this underwear protects you repeatedly, making it a hassle-free choice for everyday use. Find out more about how to care for TENA washable absorbent underwear.